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问下在怎么创建 Hackage

照这 Wiki 走过了一遍, 老是碰到问题..

➤➤ cabal install --enable-tests
Resolving dependencies...
cabal: Could not resolve dependencies:
trying: cirru-parser- (user goal)
rejecting: cirru-parser-!test (global constraint requires opposite
flag selection)
trying: cirru-parser-*test
next goal: haq (dependency of cirru-parser-*test)
Dependency tree exhaustively searched.

Note: when using a sandbox, all packages are required to have consistent
dependencies. Try reinstalling/unregistering the offending packages or
recreating the sandbox.

有好一点的教程吗? 一般创建一个 package 需要怎么做?

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你这个貌似是 .cabal 的配置有点问题。
贴下.cabal 或者项目地址?

wuhaisheng 3 years ago