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两门 JVM 模仿 Haskell 的语言
>#### Litil
>This is the first post of a series where I'll talk about the different techniques I've used to create a parser and un evaluator for the Litil™ programming language in Java. However, please keep the following in mind:

还有 Roy 语言作者说打算写的一门语言
blimp: Small Haskell to JVM compiler

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wuhaisheng 5 years ago

没看懂... 跑在 JVM 上不就这样子的吗?

jiyinyiyong 5 years ago

Frege 鬱發上是徹頭徹尾的 Haskell,也是 JVM 的

MaskRay 5 years ago

遇到个 05 年国人模仿的, 没有类型的 Java 实现,, 玩具类似..
jaskell script interpreter

jiyinyiyong 5 years ago